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Garden Design & Build

Attention to detail is very important in our work and we take pride in making all the small things right. Our interest and knowledge of how to use hard and soft landscaping materials has helped us to create and build unique gardens.

Whatever the size or scope of your project, be it a few ideas for a courtyard garden or a complete makeover of a country estate, we can help you get the most from your outdoor space, while meeting your requirements, timescale, and budget. The main steps of the garden design process are summarised below.

Initial Consultation

During the meeting we will discuss the likely uses and function of the garden. You may have images of gardens or styles that you like so this would be a good opportunity to share these.

We will also walk around the garden, providing an opportunity to assess the possibilities and limitations of the site, considering the views, levels, aspect, soil characteristics and access. This is also the time to discuss your budget.

Following on from this initial meeting a written proposaI will be sent to you which details everything we’ve discussed during the consultation, the suggested design service options, and potential fees.

Garden Design Build Initial Consultation v2

Design Work

Site Survey

In order to produce an accurate scaled plan of your garden, a site survey will be required. We will advise you during the initial visit on whether any plans you have are sufficient, or whether we need to have a survey carried out. Depending on the size and complexity of the site we will either carry out the survey ourselves or recommend the services of a professional surveyor.

Concept design

A sketch plan or plans illustrating my conceptual ideas for your garden are produced, along with a mood board providing details and options for the different elements within the concept design. This package illustrates my proposed vision of your new outdoor space.

Final Design

Incorporating any amendments agreed with you a detailed final drawing is produced to scale, from which a landscape contractor will be able to cost, set out and build the garden.

Lighting Plan

Lighting may be required in the garden, highlighting entertaining areas, paths, steps while also emphasising key features in the garden (water features, focal points, feature trees etc.), thus extending the use of the garden into the evening. A lighting plan is produced showing the location and type of light fittings around the garden.

site survey v2
Site survey
Concept Design
Concept design
Lighting Plan 2015 2
Lighting plan

Planting Plans & Sourcing

A detailed planting plan is created, based on an understanding of the environmental conditions (soil type, aspect and microclimate) and selecting plants that will complement the design and provide interest throughout the year. The planting plan will show the type, number and location of each plant.

A planting schedule (list of all the plants, quantities and sizes required) is produced and sent out to specialist nurseries to quote for supplying the plants. When it comes to larger specimen trees and topiary, we visit the nurseries and choose the individual plants in person as the shape and habit of the trees have a great impact on the character of the garden.

We can also organise your planting for you if you wish and will provide an easy to understand maintenance guides for your garden to ease you gently into caring for your new garden.

Planting Plan 1 v3
A detailed planting plan

Garden Build

Scope of Works/ Specification

In order to ensure that the design is set out and built exactly to plan and to the desired quality, a written set of instructions to facilitate the construction of the garden is produced, which includes details on the materials to be used and construction methods to be employed. Construction drawings may also be required for relevant hard landscaping features that have been included in the design.

Tender process

We can recommend one or more of our approved landscapers to tender for the project. If you already have one in place, we can work with your landscaper offering information and direction.

We can supply copies of any drawings along with the Scope of Works document, enabling the contractors to put together an accurate quote for the work on an equal basis.

We can also recommend trusted lighting and water feature specialists.

Project monitoring

Once the build gets underway, we make regular site visits on your behalf to ensure the landscapers and other professionals deliver your garden exactly as planned, producing a beautiful garden as the design intends.

Const2 Proj4
Construction drawing
Tender 1
Regular site visits ensure your garden is delivered exactly as planned


As every project is different a firm written quotation is supplied after the initial visit. This will either be a fixed fee or an hourly rate and will include those parts of the design process that you have asked us to carry out. Additional services can be added on, if required and under a separate quotation. In general, our fees are based on guidance from the Society of Garden Designers.

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