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Planting Design

With a focus on shapes, colours, texture and movement along with an understanding of the environmental conditions (soil type, aspect and microclimate) we produce easy to follow plans with beautiful planting schemes that provide year-round interest.

Site Visit

We will take measurements of the planting areas, record notes and take pictures so we have a record of site orientation, light levels, exposure to the wind and the surrounding landscape. We will also take soil samples from several places to determine its characteristics (pH and texture).

This will allow us to select plants that we know to be reliably hardy for your particular location.

Plant Image Board

Planting Design

We produce planting plans that show the location and spacing of all the plants in the new scheme.

Alternatively, we can provide a simple list of plant suggestions, for you to choose from.

We can also compile visual image boards of the planting schemes, to illustrate the individual plants and how they work together.

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Plant Sourcing

We can source quality plants for you by working with a small selection of specialist trade nurseries, saving you time and money in selecting the plants that will achieve the desired results. We will arrange for their delivery on site and will be on hand to check them as they are unloaded.
We can also organise your planting for you if you wish, and will provide an easy to understand maintenance guides for your garden to ease you gently into caring for your new garden.

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Other services

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